Teacher Jamie and Family have designed an amazing indoor/outdoor classroom environment

Where your child can learn through play.

Everything based on the interests of the children. 

~Mee Mee's lil Grasshoppers~

                             Lic # 483008948 


My name is Jamie Meyer and I have found my dream job! Working with children during their early childhood years is so fascinating to me! I grew up babysitting and I truly love interacting with children while supporting their growth and development. For the past few years I've been working as an Early Childhood Educator and taking Early Childhood Education classes at the college each night and after a few amazing years as a preschool teacher at a Co-Op here in Vallejo, I have been blessed with the opportunity to add on to my home this amazing sun room and totally reinvent the outdoor space of my backyard and open my own preschool/daycare with emergent preschool curriculum all day, each day. 

I feel that I am creating an awesome environment for children to socialize with other children, along with myself and my family members who will also be involved in keeping ratios low, providing high quality care while promoting independence to speak up for themselves, share, take turns, think about others feelings, make their own choices, express  their creativity, get messy, create friendships, learn songs, and play in a nurturing and super fun environment while learning without the stresses and anxieties other preschools offer. I do not focus so much on academics because each child will become interested when they are ready and they will develop skills when it comes natural to them. But most everything we do includes some sort of lesson. We are either counting or talking about colors and numbers and size comparison and teaching them language, talking about feelings, using manners...the list goes on!  Research it yourself! Play based learning is the way to go when it comes to the overall early development of your precious little one. 

We will play, and through play your child will learn their shapes, colors, numbers, their five senses, simple math, and how to express themselves. Your child will learn life isn't always fair and sometimes you have to share, and your child will learn whatever else we discover each day. I can hardly wait! 

I will never place a child in front of a T.V., Video Game, Movie, or Computer while they are here at my home under our care. We know families lead very busy hectic lives and children get enough media at home. So we reassure you that your child will always be active and busy having fun, playing and exploring. 

Our Environment

Our Indoor classroom is a beautiful brand new sun room which has three walls of glass sliding doors and windows. There is a nature and science area, writing and literacy area and soft comfy carpet for playing and socializing. The large outdoor play environment is provided for children to run, jump, play, ride, skip, explore, dance, or walk across. We provide a safe area they can go exploring. I love my backyard there are so many learning opportunities available all day long. I have lots of cool bugs, birds, butterflies, a family of squirrels, airplanes that fly over daily, lots of different trees, we will plant a garden, and encourage, serve and eat all different types of fruits and vegetables. Your children will be able to plant and watch different flowers and plants grow, they will learn about and hatch caterpillars then we will release the butterflies. We will explore worms, spiders, beetles, rollie pollies, bees, lady bugs, praying mantises, grasshoppers, and whatever else they ask about!  Our outdoor classroom is a beautiful  play space all children seem to be drawn to. We have a patio area, for outdoor activities and meals. We will have a large play structure with swings, a slide, and rock climbing wall. Kids love the sandbox and ballbit! The rollercoasters are played on all day long!  a long fence for outdoor painting, lots of  toys, tons of supplies for arts and crafts, lots of songs and ideas for music and movement, a real giant play house full of dramatic play and dress up items, tons of fun books and more!! 

Emergent Curriculum 

 Our preschool curriculum will be based on what the children are interested in. Children develop at their own pace and it has been proven that they learn better when the topic or activity is something that they care about and understand. In school I absorbed so much information I was obsessed with learning how children's brains develop and I purposefully support them with developmentally appropriate conversation and questions. I do a lot of observation and I like to act silly so I can get to know each child on an individual level so I can meet their educational and developmental needs. 



Learning through play is simple to understand and I find it so interesting! I love watching children's faces and building them up as they realize they are learning things all on their own. 

You may think "but my child is just playing with play dough, dressing up, digging in the sand, and coloring, how can they possibly learn anything?" 

Well folks, playing with play dough is helping to build their fine motor skills and build the muscles in their little fingers to be able to hold a pencil, use scissors, grip items, open jars, write, type,  etc...  not to mention the make believe and socialization that goes on while making "cakes, cookies, hot dogs, tacos, spaghetti, carrots and pizza."   While playing dress up children explore who they are and they pretend to be others. Children act out  real life situations they have witnessed or they could be possibly working through. Children have a safe place to explore and test the waters, they can learn about others and act out what they are learning from the environment around them. While digging in the sand children develop large gross motor muscles and sometimes sneak off to a beach far away imagining to be a pirate setting sail looking for buried treasure. Sand is a great sensory material, children love anything they can really dig their hands into! When children color or draw, paint, and create crafts their brains are developing and they are learning hand eye coordination, counting, patience, cause and effect, and the science of color mixing and so much more. What we adults see as play, is really how children are learning and exploring our world that we live in.  


The Schedule for a typical day at Mee Mee's lil Grasshoppers









Storytime and music.

Naptime 1-3pm


Afternoon snack.


Pick up time. 

Join the family!  

We believe children learn best in safe, loving, nurturing environments that support and promote children at play. Our school is a play based indoor/outdoor learning environment. At Mee Mee's your child can get messy and take exploration(learning) to the next level.  The first five years of a child's life are the most important for Social, Emotional, and Physical Development so why look elsewhere? Mee Mee's lil Grasshoppers is the place for you!!  

Naming Mee Mee's lil Grasshoppers

The name "Mee Mee's lil Grasshoppers" has to do with two very sentimental people in my life, my nephew and my father who passed away in 2004.  A few years ago I opened my home to my friend, her husband and their son; I was supposed to be his God Mother and our families were so close I consider him my nephew and he referred to me as his "Auntie Mee Mee". He really stole a piece of my heart and his development  happening right before my eyes inspired me to take more classes and work towards my degree.  My bond with him motivated me to learn all about young children and their development. Nicknames like Mee Mee give any conversation that close family feeling.

Soooo.....Grasshoppers??   How often do you see grasshoppers? My dad passed away when I was 18 and ever since he passed, I always see grasshoppers at eye level and they let me pick them up and hold them, it's a comforting feeling, I love grasshoppers so much I even have a tattoo of one on my back. 

Since a few situations made such great impacts in my life, and I want to make positive impacts in young children's lives, the name "Mee Mee's lil Grasshoppers"  won hands down. 

Mee Mee's Location & Info :

Mee Mee's lil Grasshoppers is located at 16 Bergwall Way in a wonderful neighborhood tucked away in East Vallejo, Ca. 94591    I am CPR & First Aid certified, along with a cleared background and TB.   

Jamie can be reached at (707) 315 5869.